Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Check Out This Market

One of my stories was published late in 2010 in an anthology new to me. The series of books is called Thin Threads. They're patterned after the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, but they have one specific guideline that sets them apart from other anthologies.

A 'thin thread' is a life changing moment, event or experience. It need not be a monumental thing. Even small things can make a difference in our lives. And many times, something happens that we are not fully aware of at the time that changes the direction of our lives.

It's a good idea to read some of the stories in the anthology to get an understanding of what the editor is looking for. Also a good idea to read the guidelines carefully. In one section they specify that the story must be true, nonfiction, capture the essence of a thin thread event,  evoke an emotion from the reader  

They are accepting stories for a total of ten new book titles. The one on Women and Friendship closes March 20, 2011 so you'll have to hurry for that one. Other deadlines are farther into this year,  and some do not have deadline dates as yet.  The book categories are listed on the submission page.

When I read my free contributor's copy of the edition my story is in, I was very impressed by the quality of the stories in the book.  I also had occasion to ask a question of Stacey Battat, editor and publisher of Thin Threads and Kiwi Publishing. She was prompt and helpful with her answer.  

Go to and click on the submit section at the top of the homepage to read the guidelines.  To submit a story, click on the Submit section on the left side of the submission page and you'll land on a page with a submission form. This is a paying market.  And yes, I've writen about this market earlier, but maybe you missed it then, so check it out now.


  1. I have them bookmarked, but haven't submitted anything yet. Thanks for the tip!