Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blarney Castle and A Dream Place To Write

Kissing The Blarney Stone

Here's a picture of Blarney Castle in Ireland. We made a visit here in 2007 with our dear friends from South Africa. A visit to Ireland would somehow not be complete without a visit to this spot known round the world for the legend within it. Kissing the Blarney Stone blesses the kisser with the gift of gab forevermore. 

I found some surprises waiting for me when we arrived at the castle. Silly me--I figured the Blarney Stone would be sitting right outside the castle itself. Uh-uh! One must climb and climb and climb to reach it. You can read about our visit at  Today, being St. Patrick's Day, seemed the perfect time for this travel story and pictures. 

Visiting Ireland was something I'd always wanted to do since four of my great-grandparents were born there. My half-Irish heritage pulled me toward that green, rolling, devastatingly beautiful land. It's one thing I was able to cross off my Bucket List of things I want to do before I die. Ireland was all I'd hoped for and more. Somehow, I felt totally at home there. 

Would I like to go again? Yes, I'd like to find a nice cottage by the sea and spend time there writing to my heart's content. I can see why so many successful poets and authors have hailed from Ireland. Will I ever be able to fulfill this dream of writing by the sea? Doubtful, but we all need dreams of some kind in our lives, so I'll think about it now and then. 

Do you have a dream place to spend writing time? Maybe it's only your own computer area without interruption. or a hotel down the street without interruption. Almost anywhere you enjoy and can work without phones ringing or kids calling or doorbells chiming would be a dream place to write. Meanwhile, enjoy this Irish holiday and keep your dream for future days. 

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