Friday, January 21, 2011

Little Sayings

One of the pleasures of browsing in gift shops is reading the little signs for sale. You know the ones, I mean--done in all kinds of designs. Some are humorous like the one that says "Your husband called, he said you can buy anything you want." Others are life lessons or religious insights.

When we were in and out of little shops on Wednesday in Boerne and Comfort, Texas, I read what seemed like a gazillion of those type of signs. But two reached out to me far more than the others. One will give me inspiration while the other will make me laugh each time I think of it but also shake my head in agreement.

The first one was Everyday a new story begins. If that doesn't inspire a writer, something is wrong in her writing world. Look around you on each new day and find a story just beginning. They're everywhere. All you have to do is find them.

The other saying was Wine is poetry in a bottle. Wine is what I drink more than beer or hard liquor when cocktail time rolls around. And so, this little saying particularly appealed to me. Yes, there are times when sipping a glass of wine in a special setting with a special person does make it feel like poetry.

When you're out shopping and you run across these little sayings, write down the ones you like best. It's all too easy to forget them later in the day or week or month. Many of them will give you pause to think, might inspire you or tickle your funnybone.

We're off to Kerrville, Texas this morning. Maybe I'll find a third special little saying over there in a yet-to-be-explored shop.

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  1. How inspiring...Everyday a new story begins. I'll remember that one. I also enjoy wine more than a cocktail or beer. Our local winery makes the best red wine. I'm out and it's too wintry to get more. Guess I'll write a new story instead.