Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Gold Star For Comfort, Texas

We stopped in a town called Boerne (pronounced Bur nee) yesterday morning. Less than 10,000 population but there were several fun little shops to browse in. Finished there and making a purchase of two birthday cards, we move on through the scenic hills to Comfort.

Boerne was small and Comfort much, much smaller. The sign we passed on the way into town said "Comfort--An Antique Town"  The commercial part of the town was two blocks from east to west and two blocks from north to south. We parked in front of the Cozy Cottage B&B. I opened the car door and was greeted with the sound of birds singing as if they were in Carnegie Hall. It made me smile to hear them offer us a welcome.

We walked across the street to what appeared to be a gift shop, but when we entered we realized it was filled with art works of all types. Most were from local artists and of high quality. The proprietor offered us "Welcome y'all" when we went in, and she was most helpful but not pushy. I found a Christmas gift for my daughter-in-law. Yes, Christmas of 2011--the first Christmas shopping done this early in the year, ever. Ken found a piece of pottery to add to his collection, so we left very pleased.

Next was lunch. We had two choices, one of which was the Texas Bistro. We walked into a very old building expecting a small town cafe but found a chef and a very upscale foods menu. The service was warm and friendly, the menu selections appealing, and the food wonderful. Score one more star for Comfort.

After lunch, we walked around the small downtown area, passing by the antique shops which don't appeal to us. If someone liked antiques, it would probably have added another gold star for them.

Comfort was small, quaint, and yes, I'll say it--comforting. Worth a stop if you're ever in the vicinity.

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  1. I haven't been in several years, but love to browse the shops there. Sounds like you enjoyed them, as well.