Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Varying Tastes

Yesterday, I talked about the book my Book Club would be discussing. (No! I Don't Want To Join A Book Club) I could hardly wait to get there to see if anyone else agreed with me that the book was a little too repetitious and maybe better meant to be an essay than a full length book.

Ginger wasn't able to be at the meeting, but she sent her opinion through an earlier chat with the hostess. She thought it was hilarious from start to finish. Stephanie was in full agreement. She said she really loved the book, laughed out loud many times while reading.

Three others said they liked it but didn't classify it among their best reads, nor would they feel moved to recommend it to others to read.

Karen said she really didn't like it at all, and even when lots of good things about the book were brought up, she stood her ground. No one was going to sway her. And me? I was halfway between those who kind of liked it and Karen, who really didn't. I did say that I admired the way the author had used diary form and somehow had woven a complete story using that technique.

It shows that we all have varying tastes, mostly because we're all very different people. Life would be rather boring if everyone liked the same books, the same movies, the same TV shows. We'd be left with darned little discussion material in groups like Book Clubs, Theater Review etc.

I'm glad that the women in my Book Club have no qualms about saying they 'hated the book' or that they 'absolutely loved it.' Our differing opinions don't hurt our friendship at all , and perhaps that's a sign that we are good friends. We feel comfortable enough with one another to voice our honest opinion. That might play out in another way in a group where members don't know each other well. Someone might be the lone dissenter but afraid to state it. I might not be accepted here could be the thought that runs through her mind.

I think it's those dissenters that create the liveliest discussions in book groups. So be appreciative of those varying tastes. They'll keep your Book Club alive!

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  1. I agree. It's the differences of opinion that make for the best discussions.