Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Than One Reason To....

Writing an essay, article or story is sometimes the easiest part of the writing for publication process. Looking for a market can be the most difficult part, especially if we make it so. There's one I turn to quite often.

I've had many stories published in a newspaper published in Springfield, Missouri that is specifically aimed at a certain audience. Ozarks' Senior Living publishes things of interest to senior citizens. Being one myself, a lot of my work has been appropriate for this publication. Some of what the newspaper publishes is for pure entertainment, some for information needed by seniors, and some for no apparent reason at all. 

Being a small publisher means the pay is of equal amount--quite small. But unless you're trying to make a living from freelance writing, it's alright to work with this kind of publication if you like what they publish and are happy to have your work appear there. That's the case with me. Payment is little more than a token, but I like the newspaper very much. The editorial is almost always something seniors can relate to. No government policies, no politics to be found. The managing editor writes about things in her life that seniors can understand.

There's a man, obviously a senior, who writes one humorous story after another about life in general. It's a pleasure to read his work and feels like you're sitting across the table from him in a local coffee shop having a chat. 

A woman writes a religious column every month, another gives computer tips. I send them memoir, travel and inspirational stories, as do many other writers. They must like what I send, as I've only had one rejection from them. 

The back inside pages have a joke section and one for personal ads. Yes, seniors are looking for dates, too. Some only for companionship, others indicate they want a relationship.. This publication offers a lot more than big bucks, and that's why I am happy to have my work published there.

This month, they published one of my travel stories. "Grandpa's Town" has a personal side to it as well as giving a glimpse of a town in Germany. That 'personal' touch is what goes over well in Ozarks' Senior Living.

The next time you're in the Springfield, Branson, Missouri area, you might look for a copy. If you're a senior, that is.

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