Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What's Going On?

Before I was a writer, I claimed title to being an avid reader, maybe even a voracious reader. And I still am, although I don't have as much time to read now. I split that time between reading and writing. I have always been a library user. It began way back in grade school days and has continued right into senior citizen land.

But lately, my trips to the library have been somewhat frustrating. Nothing wrong with the library itself or the staff that is still helpful and friendly. No, it's the choice of books that has me frowning while I scan the shelves. I am not a fan of sci-fi, fantasy, or horror stories. Yet, that is what seems to dominate the shelves of books today. That and mysteries. I do enjoy a good mystery now and then, but I certainly don't want to read a steady diet of mystery thrillers.

Is it a sign of our times that these books have taken the lead in today's reading world? Or is it a sign of my age that I find far too many of them on the shelves? There is obviously a market for books in these genres, or they wouldn't be publishing so many.

So, you're wondering--what kind of books does this writer look for if all the above are not on her list. I like historical fiction. It's a painless way to learn a lot of history. I'm entertained with the story and am absorbing all kinds of facts about the period in which the story is set. I like an occasional romance. I like literary novels that have a little more substance than some. I like stories that delve into personalities. I like WWII novels.
I like generational sagas. I like stories that touch the heart. And I do like mysteries but I don't want to read one after another. I like books that use language to the fullest, where the prose is almost poetic. I like the rags to riches stories, and there use to be plenty of those. I am fully entertained by a well-done biography, and I read non-fiction books on topics that interest me.

So, what kind of books do you like? Maybe your favorites are the ones I pass by. That's why we have so many genres. I just wish it was evened out a bit more.

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