Thursday, July 8, 2010

Meet Virginia Allain

Meet Virginia Allain. She's a retired librarian who will never be accused of whiling away her senior years rocking on the front porch. In her profile on a special internet page, she says: "Now I devote myself to writing, photography and designing books to self-publish. Having fun!"

Virginia helped her mother self-publish a book about her girlhood years in Kansas. It's called My Flint Hills Childhood and was written by 85 year old Gail Lee Martin. Gail also edits where she does a tremendous job overseeing this site where anyone can post their stories, poems and essays. Virginia has contributed to Our Echo many times. With Gail as a role model,  it's easy to understand why Virginia is such a busy retiree.

Virginia has a Squidoo Lens page that is geared to older writers. She started out featuring those in their 80's and 90's. I was very pleased when she began including my work and highlighting the titles of my blog postings. As pleased as I was, I decided I'd better set the record straight, so I wrote to Virginia and told her that someday I hoped to be among those 80 and 90 year old writers, but I was a kid of 71 right now. Quick as a wink, she changed the title of her lens to Writers At Seventy, Eighty and Ninety. It's the kind person she is--thoughtful and considerate of others. Her Squidoo lens is packed with information for both writers and readers. Take some time and go through the many sections, even a marketplace where you can order a variety of merchandise. You'll find it at

To add to her already busy life, Virginia also writes articles for eHow, Helium and OurEcho. She has nearly 500 articles at eHow, a site where readers can find How-To info on almost any subject. When she isn't writing, Virginia is either gardening or taking photos any nature lover would admire.

Admire is the word I would use for my thought on Virginia. I am in awe of all she does when so many retirees are slowing down. Even if you're nowhere near 70, 80, 0r 90, you'll find information at her squidoo lens that will interest you. And I think you'll meet some people there whom you, too, will admire.


  1. Aw, Nancy, I'm blushing. Thanks for telling your readers about my Writers at Seventy, Eighty, and Ninty. They've set a great example for me that writing keeps us young-at-heart.

    I have great admiration for the contributors at the Our Echo website who continue writing in their senior years.

  2. What a splendid tribute to my niece! Thank you, Nancy, very much! She is an inspiration to many people, myself included. I'm enjoying your blog, especially as I've just started one myself on blogspot. I've scrabbled around with several sites, found them awkward or hard to manage. This one seems to be easier.

  3. Thanks for your comment and for becoming a Follower. Both gestures are appreciated. And welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. When you leave a comment, it's a good idea to use your blog address as a signature at the bottom so others have an opportunity to read it.