Friday, May 21, 2010

Up In The Air

A step away from the writing world today. Our daughter and her husband have been building a new house since early last fall. They decided to act as their own general contractors with the help of a good friend who has been in the building business and could give some good advice.
They put their old house on the market in October, and there it sat, month after month, while the new house was moving along step by step. I mentioned to Karen one night that there is a legend that if you bury a St. Joseph statue in your yard, your house will sell. In early April, Karen decided it was worth a try, so she went to a Christian gift shop and bought a small St. Joseph statue, buried him in the front yard and said the prayer that came with him every day.

Three weeks later, they sold the house! Happiness! But it meant they had to be out by May 27th, and the new house was scheduled to be done in early to mid-June.

What to do? Move into high gear, and they did that. Everything is done now except for one major thing. They have not been able to dig for the septic system, and the county inspector will not pass them until that is done. Which means they will have to put all their worldly possessions into storage, if only for a week or two and then move again. Not what anyone would choose to do.

But, the sun is to come out today, and the temperatures are to hit high 80’s to 90. Could it, would it, might it dry things out enough that the man with the equipment sitting on their property can begin to dig? If he can, would it be possible for the inspector to pass them and let them move in on Tuesday/Wednesday? It’s the question of the week.

We are going to their old house today to help pack and clean out the house over the week-end. It may be Tuesday before they know if their belongings will go to the new house or into a pod for storage. Stay tuned for final details next week.


  1. Just goes to prove that good things happen when daughters listen to their mother!

    Straight From Hel

  2. I've heard many a story of St. Joseph helping in this way. But what I never could remember is if you are supposed to take him with you when you move or keep him at the old house.

  3. I wish there was a statue you could bury to hurry along the sunshine and warmth!

    I clicked over from Helen's blog, enjoyed browsing here.

  4. Here I am again, stopping by to say good morning and to tell you I gave you the Sunshine Award today -