Monday, May 24, 2010

Spreading the Sunshine

What a nice surprise I had this morning. Helen Ginger, a writer who blogs and is editor of a writers' newsletter, gave me the Sunshine Award. In the blogging world, this is an award a blogger gives to Followers of their choice. I've been a Follower of Helen's blog   I like her good advice for writers, her easy conversational writing style, and the friendly approach to a serious subject.

Quite some time ago,, Helen published an article I'd written titled "Why Join An Online Critique Group?" in her Doing It Write newsletter. Helen is an editor, book consultant, writer and public speaker

I'd like to follow her example and pass the Sunshine Award on to a few of my own Followers. And speaking of sunshine--a follow-up on last Friday's post. We packed at Karen's house for 3 days and kept watching the skies for signs of dreaded rain. It seems they did have the pit for the septic tank at the new house dug, but it is filled with water from the drenchings of the past couple weeks. Today they are going to pump water out and see what's what. Can they put the tank in or not? The scary thing is that there is possible rain in the forecast for tomorrow and Wednesday. But only a possiblity. I'd like to spread the sunshine all over the Kansas City area for at least a full week.

But on to those I've selected for the Sunshine Award:

1.  Michelle Meyers  Michelle is a fine artist and a sometimes writer. Right now she's concentrating on her painting and a business called Wallflowers Art. But once a writer, always a writer, so I know she'll continue her interest.

2.  Virginia Allain: Virgiina is a writer, photographer, and book designer  She has featured Wrter Granny's World at her Squidoo page on a regular basis

3. Gail Martin:  Gail is the editor at a website where anyone can post their writing. She has also written a book about her Kansas childhood years

4. Molly Samuels:  Molly is a writer who also quilts. But sometimes she's a quilter who also writes. She spreads a lot of sunshine herself with her sunny personality


  1. Thanks Nancy. I have enjoyed helping Scott Lupo with his online writer's site called Our Echo, everybody has a story what is yours? This site is really an archives for writers. Scott set it up so our our families in the future can read what we have written.

  2. Thank you for the Sunshine Award, Nancy! It was such a nice surprise and it made my day. You're right, I've been trying to balance my time lately between artwork and writing. I could never choose one over the other so (luckily for me) I've chosen both.


  3. Congratulations on your award! You and I were on that list together, and I agree, what a nice way to start the morning!

  4. So many talented people on your list of awardees! Wow.

    Straight From Hel

  5. How nice of you to spread the sunshine around. I appreciate the mention of my blog.