Thursday, April 29, 2010

How Do You Find A Blog?

A man who posts his writing at asked a question yesterday. How do you find a blog? He knew there are thousands of them in cyberspace, but he wasn't sure what people do to find the ones that might interest them. He ended by asking if anyone could send an answer.

Being the kind of person who likes to help others, I wrote up a short blurb to give him a few places to start. My answer to David Paul is copied below. I got to thinking maybe others would like a few thoughts on the subject.

All About Blogs—A Message for David Paul and Others

David Paul asked how you find blogs. There are several ways, and I’m sure I’m not listing all of them here. But for starters, here are a few.

1. Subject: If you’re interested in a particular subject, put the keyword plus blog in a search engine and see what you come up with. For instance, if I wanted to find a blog that used antique cars as it’s main thrust, I’d put antique cars blog in the search engine box.

2. Other blogs: Many bloggers list Other Blogs I read along one side of their daily postings. Pay attention to them, and try out the ones that look of interest.

3. Signature: I sign all my e-mail messages with my blog address, so it’s seen by many people every day. When I send a Forward with a funny story or pictures or whatever, my signature goes along with it. I might send it to ten people, and each of them will send it on. The vast majority of people do not take the time to erase the former addresses, so it’s seen by even more people. If I send you a personal e-mail message, after I sign my name, this will be below it: You can set your e-mail program to include this signature on every e-mail you send.

4. Tell A Friend: When people find a blog they especially like, they’ll tell a friend.

5. Newsletters: Since I’m a writer, I subscribe to several writers newsletters, and they often include information about a blog pertaining to writing. If you are an antique car fan, maybe you subscribe online to newsletters about them. Watch for notices of blogs there, too.

In a search engine, enter the keywords finding blogs and you’ll be given a wealth of information on how to find them. I’m reminded of a story dear to my heart regarding my early days of using search engines. My granddaughter was around 8 years old at the time, and she was telling me in a phone conversation about a musical instrument she’d made for a school project. I asked her where she found the directions to make the instrument. Her answer has served me well ever since. She said, “Just Google it, Grandma!” And now, whenever I want to find something, I repeat her words to myself. Doesn’t it say in the bible that ‘a little child shall lead you’ We’d do well to listen to them in this high tech world we live in.

David, I hope I have helped you and others learn a little more about finding blogs. It is perhaps a coincidence, but last week I was on a panel at a writers conference. Three of us gave a presentation and answered questions. Our title was “Blogging 101: Everything we know about why and how you blog.”

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