Monday, April 26, 2010

Home Again and Ready To Roll

I returned from the writers conference tired in body but totally energized in spirit. The days spent with about 20 other writers proved to be informative, inspiring, and one whole lot of fun.

We had no speakers from outside the group as has been done in the past. Every presenter belonged to our writersandcritters critique group, either now or in the past. The presentations were professional and most important of all--they contained useful information for writers. Too often, speakers at conferences get into charts and graphs that show statistics and theoretical situations that do nothing for the everyday writing life of the writers in the audience.

One of our group members has published two mystery novels and has a third about to be released. On the last night of the conference, she told us that she'd attended many writers conferences over the years and found this one to be one of the very best.

I'll be posting more details about the meeting. The one thing I hope it will do is to encourage you to start a piggy bank account to accumulate the funds needed to attend a writers conference of your own.

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