Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why I Write

Someone once asked me why I write. I certainly have not made enough money to make it a career. I am more of a Hobbyist Writer, I think. I am happy when I sell one of my efforts, but their are other reasons I continue to write.

There are times when a story doesn't come out the way I'd like and no amount of revising seems to help. It's then that I wonder why I put myself through this misery? But those thoughts are only in residence for a short while.

On a recent walk, I mentally listed the reasons I write. Many of them will apply to other writers, as well.
I write:
1. to fulfill an inner desire
2. to share my questionnable wisdom and/or experiences with others
3. to bring some joy to someone else, if even for only a few moments
4. to help others understand and work out life's difficult times
5. because I love it

Writing began , for me, with a tiny seed...the idea that, yes I can write. The seed was planted when I enrolled in a correspondence course to learn to write for children at The Institute of Children's Literature. It germinated and began to grow when my critic teacher handed out strong praise along with instructive criticism.

Despite rejections, frustrations and too many ideas crowding the writing side of my brain, I still love to write. No doubt in my mind--I always will. My writing life has blossomed at times and been filled with weeds on occasion, too. Each success I meet gives me incentive to keep on with this endeavor that fills my life with so much.

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  1. Interesting question, that. Why? Hmmmm.... For me, it makes me feel calm. It is like putting things in order...that makes me feel calm too. When I finally have the story done and out of my head, my favorite part is the next one...paring down the sentences, phrasing them better, editing some out. Putting things in order...yup. That's it. I think :-)