Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Than One Way To Be Creative

Yesterday's blog post discussed why I write. One of the reasons I neglected (or forgot!) to list is that it gives me a creative outlet. I have no musical talent whatsoever, nor can I paint a picture that doesn't look like a kindergartner did it. Writing is my creative ability. Being creative in something brings a great deal of satisfaction.

Last evening, Ken and I went to McCain Auditorium on the Kansas State University campus to see a show called "Tap Dogs."  The show was created by Australian, Dein Perry, and debuted in Sydney in 1995. It's become an International sensastion since then. Not the Fred Astaire and Gene Kelley tap dancing that I so enjoyed in my growing-up years, but this contemporary tap dancing had me responding positively from start to finish.

Six young men, all hunks as my oldest granddaughter would say, entertained the audience while wearing what looked like construction worker clothes and Australian work boots fitted with taps. Two percussionists accompanied them for someof the numbers. My ears were still ringing when we arrived home. The show was great fun. To see an excerpt on YouTube, go to

The point of all this is that these dancers are creative in a very special way. They share their great talent with others at theaters all over the world; they bring joy to others, and they have to love it or they wouldn't do it. Many of the same reasons why I write.


  1. Sounds fantastic. I love tap dancing of every kind, though will always chooose Fred over Gene. His grace never wears on me.

  2. Thanks for the video link so I could see what you liked about these dancers. Fun.