Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday Dinner

L to R:  Katarina, Cristina, Chihiro, Nancy, Ken, Adela
Last night our two Czech students, Katarina and Adela came to our home for dinner. We had asked them to invite their roommates. Cristina is also from the Czech Republic, and Chihiro is from Hiroshima, Japan.
Ken picked the girls up at their dorm while I put the finishing touches on an Italian dinner. It has been a full month since these exchange students arrived in Kansas, and in that short time, they've adjusted to a whole new universtiy system, a new country, and new friends. That's one of the positives of youth that I have come to admire.
We enjoyed a glass of wine and appetizers on the patio, taking advantage of a very pleasant evening. The girls told us about their classes, the food service center where they have meals and a week-end trip to Kansas City.
We moved inside for dinner, but the conversation continued nonstop. We learned that Chihiro has been a K-State student for four years and will graduate in December. She has a job in Tokyo waiting for her. We heard about how hard it is to wait for test results and the good and bad of the catering job the three Czech girls have at the Student Union.
I made a pineapple upsidedown cake for our dessert, and the idea of turning the cake upsidedown intrigued them. Being with young people is better than any geriatric tonic on the market.

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