Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finding the Right Book

My Book Club members each select the book to be read during the month they act as hostess. My turn will be coming up in 3 or 4 months, and I've been having a hard time finding the right book.

It needs to be a book that promotes discussion within the group. We've read a few that didn't do that, and our conversation drifted off into other avenues.

It needs to be a book that is an enjoyable read--one that is informative, fills in a period of history for the reader, or may be nothing more than a darned good story.

It should be a book that the seven members can find in the library or as a paperback in a bookstore, if possible. We've learned recently that, if we ask in advance, the library will find copies in other area libraries for us.

I've considered the book that I wrote about here a couple days ago, The Guernsey Liteary and Potato Peel Pie Society, as I so thoroughly enjoyed it. The only reason I am not selecting it is that we've read a plethora of WWII novels recently. Each one offered a small part of that period few of us were aware of, but it still might be overkill.

I'm leaning now to choosing a classic for us to read, or perhaps re-read, whatever the case may be. The big question is "which one?" Maybe I'll google classic books and see if one on the list calls out to me.

Anyone have any suggestions? I'm listening.

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