Friday, August 28, 2009

Talents Are Not To Be Taken Lightly

     My daughter ordered the birthday cake for Cole's third birthday from a friend. Kami is starting a new business of made-to-order cakes for special occasions. The picture above will testify to this woman's talent. I can add that besides being an expert at decorating, Kami makes a delectably delicious cake, as well.
Her website is  She lives in Louisburg, just south of Kansas City.
What talent! was my first thought when Cole brought me into the dining room last Saturday to see his Curious George cake. And I've been thinking about talents off and on ever since. If you lined up twenty people on stage, each would have a talent all their own. We often envy people who have a talent we don't have. I am musically inept, can't sing or play a musical instrument or read music either. But I have a deep admiration for those who possess such talent.
I watch college athletes at football and basketball games on a regular basis, and I marvel at the skill and ability these young people have in their chosen sport. Again, I have no athletic abilities. Guess who was always the last one picked when grade school team captains selected players for their side?
There are people who are skilled in working with others, which is never more evident than when you end up dealing with someone who is not. Episodes with these folks often end up in anger and frustration on both sides. Next time you have a good experience with someone in charge, step back and appreciate the skill they have in making it a good experience.
My own talent lies in the written word. English classes were always my favorite in school from early grades all the way through college days. I've been blessed with the ability to put words together that people will pay for and that others will read. I waited a long time to nurture that talent, but I'm glad I did. I've also found that a talent is like a new seedling that must be watered and fed consistantly. Let it sit alone too long, and it will wither and die.
What's your talent? Oh come on, you have one,  Have you buried it or used it? If it lies buried deep within, bring it out and use a little TLC with it. If it's already available for the world to see, keep it fed and watered and use it. Take pride in your abilities, no matter what they are. Talents are not to be taken lightly.

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