Thursday, August 27, 2009

Color Me Happy

I had some good news yesterday. My mailbox had a large envelope in it addressed to me. I looked at the return address label and smiled. The envelope was from an editor for a small Canadian magazine called Horizon. I've had my work published there a couple times.

Inside the envelope I found two copies of the most recent issue and a check made out to me. Color me happy! It came as a surprise since I had never heard from the editor regarding two stories I'd submitted in the first week of December, 2008. In early May, I dropped him a note asking if the submissions were still under consideration or had he decided against publishing them. I received an answer right away saying he'd been busy but he'd take a look at them soon. Then, nothing all summer, so of course, I had written them off as a no-go. This particular editor has been one to let writers know if he can or cannot use the work submitted, so this approach was out of character for him.

Horizon is a low-budget magazine with a circulation of 10,000 households in the Ontario area. Translation: low-budget magazine means low pay. But it's a nice little magazine, and I'm happy to have my work published there.

The story in the present issue is fiction titled "Crime and Punishment." I wrote the story from a prompt exercise in my former online critique group. The line given was "A six foot plastic chicken dominated Harry's front porch."  I wrote the story using that line as an opening. It was a fun little story to write, and I'm pleased it found a home. I had posted it long ago at but had not sold it to any publication. If you have any interest in reading about Harry's six foot chicken, go to

Remember the Patience keyword I wrote about yesterday? Patience is what will be needed as I wait to see if the other submission I sent last December sees the light of day in a future issue of Horizon.

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