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Friday, January 12, 2018

No Time or Making Time For Writing

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Time looms over us as the great enemy. How often have you said If I had more time, I would.... and then lamented whatever it was you thought you couldn't get done? 

Yesterday, I was in the library when I overheard one woman say to another "I'd read more but I don't have time." I stopped reading the book in my hands and looked up at the speaker. She was in her mid-eighties. I wondered what kept her so busy that she didn't have time to read. I watched her turn around and leave without a book in her hand.

Many writers claim they don't have time to write. Too many other things are calling them, especially those who don't write as a full time occupation. I don't dispute the claim at all. Writers all have other things in their lives--spouses, children, homes to care for, jobs or part time jobs, social activities, exercise, grocery shopping and more. You have many on that list and so do I. 

If you truly want to write, you will make time. Two small words--make time--but important if you have a real desire to write and be published. 

Consider how many minutes a day you actually waste. The TV or radio distracts you. You spend far longer on the phone with friends than is necessary. We are all guilty of wasting parts of our day. 

So, how do you make time to write? There are different solutions for all of us. What works for a retired person doesn't for a young mother. We each have to figure out what is possible for us. Take a look at the list below and see what suits you best:
  • Get up an hour earlier than usual
  • Stay up an hour later (You can get a lot done in an hour)
  • Make baby's nap time your writing time
  • Keep a notebook with you to write on your lunch hour
  • Say NO to an overabundance of volunteer activities
  • Turn down a social invitation now and then 
  • Ask your spouse to take over the kids for an hour
  • Take a notebook with you to the laundromat
  • Have a notebook with you when waiting in airports, medical offices etc
  • Watch less television
  • Use half of your usual reading time to write
Anyone have other suggestions on how to create writing time? Send us your comments. If time is our enemy, we must learn how to fight and conquer.

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