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Monday, December 18, 2017

Realizing A Dream

Happy Grad

We had the great joy of attending our oldest granddaughter's graduation from Southern Methodist University in Dallas this past week-end. That's Alexis beaming as she departs the stage where she picked up her degree folder. Graduating from SMU was a dream of hers when she was in high school.

While her friends applied to several universities, she sent in the application to only one. Being accepted at SMU would not be a given. She knew that. In fact, they probably turn away far more applicants than they can accept. Even so, she believed in herself and her dream. 

The acceptance arrived in the middle of her senior year in high school. To say she was elated is definitely an understatement. She counted the days until it was time to move to a dorm on campus in the fall.

Alexis wanted to be a writer but she figured out pretty quickly that she'd need another job to support herself and would write on the side. She majored in English with Creative Writing as a special interest. She took Journalism classes and wrote for the university newspaper. She joined a sorority, danced on the Pom Squad at football and basketball games for two years, was president of the Golden Key Club. This next semester, she will be a student teacher in an 8th grade level at a middle school in the Dallas area and then on to graduate school. 

As I watched the graduation ceremony Saturday, my joy in seeing her realize her dream knew no bounds. And yes, this grandmother did shed some tears. I knew that the dream had not come easy. There were funds to be found for 4 years at a private school, lots of hard studying, keeping up with other parts of college life and more. She didn't waver but persisted to make that dream come true. 

I thought about how often I have urged writers who read this blog to persevere if they want the dream of seeing their work published come to fruition. We doubt ourself at times and that's only natural when you're in a job where you get rejected more often than you get accepted. Sometimes we writers must push ourselves to keep motivated and to follow our dream. Alexis did that and her dream has been realized. I have no doubt that she'll pursue that next dream of teaching English and becoming a writer with the same attitude she's had these past four years. 

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