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Monday, November 6, 2017

Two Choices In Your Writing Life--Which One For You?

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Writers deal with both faith and fear as they travel through the long journey of the writing world.
Let's look at both today. Use the following as a checklist. Which ones do you think apply to you? 

  •  I am afraid I'll never be good enough to compete with professional writers. (Guess what? They have fears, too.) 
  • I worry that I'll never be published or won't be published in the top notch magazines or publishing houses. 
  • I fear submitting my writing
  • I worry that I'll run out of topics to write about
  • I am terrified of Writer's Block
  • I am scared to read reviews in case they are bad
  • I am afraid of being rejected
  • I worry that my writing mechanics are not good enough
  • I'm afraid to go to writing conferences 
  • I believe in myself
  • I know I have given my very best
  • Someday, I'll be published
  • I'll be published in a top rated magazine or publishing house
  • I keep learning about my craft
  • I have plenty to write about; all I need to do is look at the world with a writer's eye
  • I will submit my work on a regular basis
  • I will join writing groups to learn and to offer what I know to others
  • I will accept speaking engagements connected to my writing
You have two choices. Are you going to allow the Fear section to take over your writing life? Or will you work on the ones in the Faith section? Every one of us can probably relate to several things in each category. Which list is the one for you? 

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