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Monday, October 23, 2017

The Writer's Journey--Potholes and Smooth Road

Pamela Morsi, author of The Cotton Queen, created a character by the name of Babs Hoffman. It's a mother-daughter story and Babs is the mother. One of her quotes in the book is our poster for today. 

It's good advice for writers. You all have hit the potholes in your writing journey. Some years, there are more than others. Instead of hitting them head on and jarring your brain into insensibility, look for them and then swerve right around each one. 

Stop if you must and deal with whatever the pothole holds but don't dwell on it. Take care of it as best you can and then move along on your journey and enjoy it. 

Once you have addressed the problem in the pothole, don't let it take over your thoughts. Instead, think about the smooth parts of your writing path. There are plenty of those. Think about the acceptances and publications you've had. How about the praise from your writing group? Or perhaps you've won a contest or two while on your writing journey.

You've made friends with other writers and maybe even some of your readers. You've enjoyed a great many of the writing projects you've tackled. Even derived a lot of satisfaction from some. 

Worrying about what is in those potholes behind you doesn't change a thing. Whatever happened will always be a part of your past writing journey. But it's done. Keep pedaling along on the smooth sections of the road. 

Most of us continue to write because we do find pleasure in the craft. We develop a passion for the written word. Sometimes, we write because we absolutely must; something inside us lets us know that writing is a major part of who we are. 

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