Friday, July 7, 2017

Writing Is Not Easy

 Did you ever think starting on a writing journey would be easy? If you did, it wouldn't take too long for that idea to deflate like a pin-pricked balloon. 

Writers jump hurdles all the time. Look at the list of things they deal with:

  • finding a topic or story idea
  • being motivated to act on the idea
  • writing clearly
  • writing what appeals to readers
  • research, if needed
  • the all-important first draft
  • revising
  • proofreading
  • editing
  • searching and searching for a market to submit to
  • preparing the submission
  • waiting for a response
  • receiving a rejection and dealing with it
  • receiving an acceptance--great, but time to start again
  • marketing already published work for another publication
  • finding time to write
  • dealing with a difficult editor
  • helping other writers
  • finding time and money to attend writing conferences
  • building a platform
  • speaking engagements for some
  • book signings for some
  • continually learning more about the craft of writing
  • deciding to join or not join a critique group
I'm sure I've missed a few other things that writers wrestle on a regular basis but the list above should scotch the idea that writing is easy. Only those who have tried it will understand. Following a tough road just might result in a beautiful experience.

Some might wonder why we pursue the writing life. We do it because it sometimes brings us great satisfaction, because we love to write, because we want to give something to readers. We are passionate about the subject of writing--enough that we jump all those hurdles we encounter to keep moving on our journey.

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