Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Writers--Do You Have A Grateful Heart?

We all get discouraged as we tread along our writing path. At times, it appears that the rejections and disappointments far outweigh the joys in this journey. It can drag us down. If we fall prey to that which pulls us on the downward spiral, we sink lower and lower.

Those who read this blog regularly know that I am definitely a 'glass half full' person as opposed to those who see the glass as 'half empty.' I choose the positive path more times than the negative. That's not saying it is a 100% thing. I get down just like everyone else but not a lot of the time or for long.

Thus, I loved this poster that says today, I will have a grateful heart. A simple sentence that can help you sail smoothly on a glassy sea. Those words can warm you throughout. They make you appreciate more than you denigrate. 

Take a few minutes and make a list--actual or mental--of the reasons you have a grateful heart today. What are the positives in your writing life? Maybe the good things in your entire life. We are all writers but we all have another side to our life, as well. Some of us are wives, husbands, parents, community leaders, workers, worshipers and more. 

If you're in a real funk right now, it might be hard to find enough items to construct a list. Search your heart and I'm sure you can come up with a good list. We all have things in our lives, writing and other parts, that drag us down to the depths at times. It's up to us to remind ourselves now and then of the reasons we have to be grateful.

For starters, you are ahead of the game if you have food, shelter, clothing, friends and that blessed gift of writing talent. And believe me--feeling grateful feels a lot better than being hateful.

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