Friday, July 14, 2017

Where Am I Going?

We're gonna have fun! Aren't We?

Are you a free spirit? I never thought my husband I fit in that category but, suddenly, we are a part of that group of people who are willing to take a risk now and then in exchange for having fun. 

Ken and I are going on vacation next week with a group on a tour bus that is sponsored by the senior living place where we live. Those of us who live in independent living are still active and ready to have fun. Meadowlark is known for having great trips.

There is one difference with this one. We don't know where we are going! It's a Mystery Trip! I am an organized person who likes things planned ahead. So, doing this is totally out of character. So much so that I wrote a personal essay about it and submitted the story to Chicken Soup's upcoming book Step Outside Your Comfort Zone. Haven't had a response yet. 

Meanwhile, we have been given a few hints about the place we are going. Most of you know I live in Manhattan, KS--a hundred or so miles west of Kansas City. We've been given a few hints over the past weeks. Here's the list:
  1. Where we are going, you won't get lost, but you can guarantee there will be frost!
  2. A steamboat captain became a captain of industry, and his grand home stands the test of time. With 76 rooms and hidden compartments, the 19th century architecture is sublime.
  3. In summertime, we have no doubt the locals will treat you fair. You can cruise around while letting breezes blow your hair. The sights are festive--there's an international flair. An abundance of visual arts will prompt us to stop and stare.
  4. It's not the destination, but the journey, or so the saying goes. Whether going or coming, we'll rest where the water flows.
  5. On this adventure, there's plenty of variety. You may have your doubts, but trust Becky and Monte. Imagine our smiling faces and little round bellies, shaking when we laugh, like bowls full of jelly. Imagine a ship that you don't need to steer, or consider something weird, like a deer drinking beer.
The trip is 6 days with 5 nights in hotels. We'll stay at one for 3 consecutive nights, the other two will be on travel days, 1 each coming and going. 

If any of you figures out where we're going, send a comment! Ken and I have been thinking it is either in Wisconsin or Michigan. We had been told the average high temp is 83 and average low is 66, so that meant going north. Right? We know a good many of the people who will be on the trip so we're packing our sense of adventure along with the casual clothes, Becky and Monte, our tour guides, recommended. 

My writer self will be looking for stories along the way. I hope to be able to post a travel journal of sorts on this blog, so stay tuned. 


  1. Oh my, how fun! I can't wait to hear where you go. I have been contemplating arranging a mystery trip for my family, but in truth I imagine I am the one who would most enjoy the surprise!

    1. Your final statement made me laugh!