Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Three Calls For Submissions

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Bards Against Hunger is asking for submissions for an anthology to celebrate five years of their project to help provide life-sustaining food to those in need. There will be no pay other than the good feeling you'll have by helping a charity group like this one.  They allow up to 3 poems, no longer than 100 lines, to be submitted.

An unusual guideline is that you are to paste the poem(s) in the email and also attach them. You are also asked to provide the name of your state in the subject line. You'll note the guidelines also ask for a 3-4 line bio. The submission date says 'May' but I have been told that the deadline has been extended. Poetry may be on any subject. I'm guessing that something on world hunger might catch an editor's eye. Only a guess, however.

Chicken Soup for the Soul has added a new book in the possible book topics in their submission section. This one will be a book using the theme of Love. They're looking for a wide range of stories that tell of dating, romance, marriage. They may be serious or hilarious. Read more on the link above and then check that guidelines page to refresh your memory. Deadline is October 31st. While you're on the Possible Book Topics page, you might check the other books still needing submissions. This anthology series pays $200 per story. Competition is high so send your very best work.

The Moments anthologies group is looking for Christmas stories for a 2018 book as well as a few others. Check this page for what the editor is looking for. Some are already past the date but there are others for 2018 publication. Again, this one is a no pay with all royalties going to Samaritan's Purse, an international Christian organization . I have a story in one of the Moments anthologies that was just released and had another in the most recent Christmas Moments book. The newest title is Loving Moments. The book cover is an especially nice one. They will accept previously published nonfiction stories which helps some writers justify the no pay, donate for a charity situation.

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