Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mystery Trip--Day 4

I've thought a lot about how we were a bit hesitant to join this Mystery Trip. Go to an unknown destination? That was against my character traits bigtime. I like to have a plan. No plan this week except follow directions and be surprised. Pleasantly surprised all the way. If we'd stayed home and just heard the other travelers' tales about what they'd done this week and where they were, I most certainly would have regretted not being there. I've learned a lesson about having the courage to take a chance.

We had another fine breakfast--did you ever have scrambled eggs with bits of bratwurst, onions, peppers and cheese in them? Take my word that they are scrumptious!

We were kept in the dark about our first tour of the day until we arrived at the Basilica of St. Josophat. Once there, we had a docent talk to us and show us the basilica which was built by members of the Polish Catholic church here in Milwaukee in the late 1800's. Polish immigrants gave their time, talent and treasures to build this magnificent church. The smallest part of that trio was treasure as they were working families. They found others to help with the funding and they did much of the work themselves. A true labor of love.

Our next stop was the Milwaukee Art Museum located on the lakefront. Designed with great wings on the roof that resemble the seagulls that abound on the lake, it is an architectural piece of art as well as housing great art collections. Another docent led tour showed us several areas of the museum. We had a wonderful boxed lunch, then free time. Many of us met at the Wine Bar for a restful time on the patio where we had coffee, tea or wine and watched the many sailboats on a day filled with sunshine, gentle breezes and a temp of 78. Several mentioned they'd love to have a summer place in this city. I, who have lived in northern IL, know that the summer is just a cover-up for the strong gales that blow in off Lake Michigan bringing snow and temperatures that will frost your face in a hurry when winter arrives. And winter arrives much earlier than it does for us in Kansas and, yes, it lasts longer, too.

So, do visit Milwaukee in the summertime. Our evening excursion was to dinner at a lovely French bistro on the lakefront.We both had trout with a perfect salad and French bread so good I wanted to take a loaf home but it would be hard as a rock when we got there!

We leave this fine city on Friday morning heading south and west to Kansas. I'll post about that trip once we reach home. The city where we will stay on Friday night is another mystery!

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