Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mystery Trip--Day 1

Kansas--what we left Monday

Day 1 of the Mystery Trip was spent on the road with 36 on the big purple bus.  All we needed was a K-State logo on the side.  Becky and Monte, our tour guides, did not tell us where we are going all morning, afternoon or evening.  Tonight, they said we would learn our destination at lunch tomorrow! Today, we headed east on I-70, then north on I-35 to I-80.

We stopped for lunch at a place in Bethany, MO called the Toot Toot Family Restaurant. And yes, it did have a train theme, as well as a huge buffet. Way more than anyone needed for lunch.

As we were getting ready to leave, I saw a young woman with long hair, tight long pants, and a strapless sun top hoist herself into the driver's side of a big semi. I couldn't imagine driving a rig like that, and I started thinking that there is surely a story there. But no time for an interview!

We stopped in Davenport, Iowa for the night at a lovely Holiday Inn and Suites. Very contemporary. We had dinner at the hotel in a private dining room. The food was outstanding. Ken had a wonderful steak, cooked just the way he likes it. I feasted on an unusual presentation of chicken, Italian type ham, potatoes all layered on a bed of spinach. Dessert was either a giant piece of cheesecake or a chocolate torte. We both had the torte. It was like eating fudge! No way I could finish it.

The waitress in the breakfast area was beside herself with curiosity as to where we are headed today. One lady claimed she knows the destination and the waitress said, "Oh, please tell me before you leave. If you don't, it will drive me crazy all day!" Her eyes were sparkling as she said it. So, off to a corner they went, and now the young woman knows but I don't. I said I thought it was Milwaukee, and the other woman shook her head. So now, I'm really perplexed.

Have to wait for lunchtime before they announce our destination.


  1. Nancy, I'm dying to find out about the beer drinking deer! I googled that last Friday in hopes that I might find a clue as to where you were going. There were tons of silly pictures of beer and deer...then my computer locked up! I am enjoying your trip through your words. Have fun!

  2. We went ''tis Brewery near where the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team plays. So a deer drinking beer 😉