Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Writing With Mind, Heart and Soul

photo courtesy of Gregory Smolen

Pretty photo and some words worth noting. I believe we use our mind, our heart and our soul to produce our writing projects. 

Our mind is filled with knowledge and experiences as well as the how-to about writing. We draw on all of these treasures, and make no mistake about it--they are treasures. Our memories and things we've done, places we've visited and people we've met influence the topics we write about. We get the facts from our stored-up knowledge, and perhaps some research done, as well. But it is what is in our head that gets us started on a new project. 

Our heart helps add love, warmth and the personal touch to what we write. I wrote an entire essay about writing from the heart including the painful parts of life as well as the uplifting ones. Many peieces we have published would never have made it if there was no heart in the writing. It's the heart we put into our writing that makes a satisfying read for those who peruse our work. It's what will make a reader care about our words. 

Our soul comes into play with our writing, too. Our soul is separate from our physical body and is spritual and moral in nature. Who we are spritually and morally definitely comes into play when we write. Our moral principles run underneath everything we write. Our photo-quote today tells us to listen to the soul for good reason. We're all individuals and what we hear when we listen to our soul will be unique for each of us. 

The combination of mind, heart and soul is what makes you the writer you are. It would behoove us all to listen carefully.