Monday, June 19, 2017

Writers As Individuals

It's probably not news to writers that this is also true of them. We're individuals and what we write is unique. Maybe not the basic content, as ten writers could write on the same topic and come up with ten different stories written in ten different voices and ten different angles. It's the way we each write that sets us apart from one another.

You are you from top of your head right down to your toes. Even identical twins differ in some ways but we singles are a copy of one. In our family, everyone comments about how much our grandson and my husband are like--in looks, the way they walk, stubbornness and more. Yet, they are very different in many ways, as well. 

When the writer dips his 'pen' into his own soul, he paints his  nature into the words he writes. We are merely artists who paint with words--ones that come from deep inside of us. Why are we all unique in this world of writers?

Writers are of different ages, or stages of life. We come from various backgrounds--rural or urban, small families or large, religious or not, political or not and so much more. We're introverts or extroverts. We smile a lot or frown much of the time. All these things make us the people we are and helps form the writing voice we each have. 

How boring if we were all the same and wrote exactly the same way or if all artists painted in the same style. The variety writers offer readers is what makes those people return to the libraries and bookstores over and over again. It's why screen writers have the power to bring people into the theater to see a story they wrote brought to life by producers, directors and actors. No two screen writers are alike either.

Many times, a writer strives to emulate a writer he/she admires. Instead, he/she should cultivate his/her own style and be thankful for being a one-of-a-kind person, and writer. 

So dip into your soul and write from your heart. Relish being a unique individual. 


  1. Love this post. It is also why there is no need to feel competitive which is usually a part of regular "working" life.

  2. I think we too often strive to write like somebody else when we should look only into ourself. Thanks for commenting.