Friday, June 23, 2017

Write About COLOR


I have a new writing exercise for you to try today and over the weekend. It has to do with color. Artists show color with their crayons and paints but writers must give a picture of color by painting with words. 

Color is a big part of life. We love it or we can't stand it. We try to add color to our wardrobe, our home decor, our party tables and more. We care about the color car we drive. We consider color when planning a menu. 

For each color below, write one or more paragraphs that will show the color. Try not to use the name of the color but show the color itself in the words you write. In our writing, we want the reader to see a hue like orange rather than be told something was orange.








You can share parts of what you wrote in the Comments section. I don't think it will take large amounts of writing, so keep it to a paragraph if you would like to share.

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