Thursday, June 1, 2017

So Runs The Water--A Book Review

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Tom Mach, Kansas award winning author and poet, takes us on a delightful journey in his newest poetry book titled So Runs The Water, subtitled life's journey, in verse. 

We learned in school that water is one of the four elements of the world, the others being earth, air and fire. Mr. Mach explores water in numerous forms. The book appears to be one lengthy, free verse poem but has been divided into sections. Each section can stand on its own but relates to water and how it runs through his life and ours; thus it is a part of the whole book.

A few of the myriad sections are clouds, winter, children, a fountain of ideas, pieces of past, and what if? There are many more, all of which the reader can relate to. Each section can stand alone but is also a part of the greater work. All feature water in some way. 

The poetry is of the real world but also spiritual. It is chock full of fine sensory details, lovely word choices, and appealing phrases. Read a few of my favorites: 

   Words hunger for the touch of a pen/held by drifting minds of poets

   Water also takes on many roles/in many forms of running,/pounding rain, scorching steam/thundering waterfall, angry ocean/But peace and stillness is its best role.

Ten-year-old Tom, waiting on a pier/for sunrise and fish

...and pieces of his past/drifted before his eyes like leaves.

Mr. Mach has achieved simplicity but also power in the words he has chosen to relate what water means to our world, to him and to us. There are memory triggers sprinkled throughout along with bits of history and literary references. The poet does take us on a life's journey as the subtitle promises.

The cover of the book, front and back, made me want to read what is inside. It appeals with amazing color, the photo scene and the title. Check out the full front and back cover at the poet's website. 

You can order the book from Amazon. I know this is a book I will read multiple times.

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