Monday, May 1, 2017

Welcome To May

The first four months of the year slid by in what feels like a big hurry. Today is the first day of one of my favorite months. There are many things to celebrate this month which gives you several topics to write about, too. 

Whether you write a family story or a poem or something inspirational or a short story, you'll have plenty of choices. Start with May Day. Do you know the history? It's not just about May baskets. Workers Rights comes into play, as well. Google history of May Day and get the full story. My husband and I have a running dialogue every May 1st. In the early morning, I say to him "Happy May Day" and he responds with "It's Law Day." What would you expect from me, the writer who loves flowers and romance...and him, the guy who graduated from Law School a very long time ago? We're both right!

Yes, Mother's Day is also celebrated in May. You can write myriad stories and poems with this theme. Chicken Soup for the Soul will have a new book with a Mother theme this year. They had so many good stories submitted that they are already filling up one for 2018. I will have a story in the later book.

There are many graduations this month--from pre-school to those being awarded a PHD! If you have someone in your family graduating this year, you'll have one more special day in May. We have a granddaughter graduating from high school but not until the beginning of next month. Do you remember your own graduation days? How about a family story about what occurred that day and how you felt? The night I graduated from high school, my dad gave me my first adult beverage--cream sherry. In our state, girls could drink legally at 18 and I'd hit that age only a couple weeks earlier. That night I had a beautiful white formal, like the other girls in my class, a dozen long stem red roses and my first drink. Pretty exciting for the '50's era.

The end of the month brings Memorial Day. So many memories come to us on this special day when we honor our deceased veterans. Many families bring flowers to the cemetery to decorate the grave of loved ones from their family as an extension of this holiday meant to honor military people who are no longer with us. There will be parades and speeches, flags on display and more as we pay tribute.

May Day:

Last but not least is our old friend, Snoopy, ready for his May Day Dance. No Maypole for him, just a few hops and a skip or two across the soft green spring grass. 

Turn your calendars to May and get ready to celebrate and to write as you enjoy the flowers and warmer temps this month brings.

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