Monday, March 6, 2017

For Readers--The Making of a Book

It's quite true that a book is an astonishing thing. We choose one to read, then turn page after page after page, enthralled with the story we are reading.

Do we ever consider, when reading a book, what it took to bring the finished product to the reader? Here are just a few of the possible steps involved before you hold a published book in your hands

  • an idea pops into the head of a writer
  • he/she ponders on the idea, perhaps for a very long time
  • the author makes an outline
  • he/she slashes parts of the outline and adds more
  • the author ponders some more
  • he/she begins chapter 1, first draft
  • the author plows through chapters like cattle in a snowstorm; hard work
  • he/she finishes the first draft
  • the author lets the manuscript mellow for awhile
  • he/she begins the editing and revisions
  • the author asks others to read the manuscript and give an opinion
  • he/she sends out queries to agents, expounding on the brilliance of his/her book
  • the author waits, sends out more queries, waits some more, and waits some more
  • when the book is accepted by a publishing house, the author rejoices
  • he/she celebrates for a short time; then begins the rewrite the publisher requests
  • the author rants and raves over the changes requested
  • he/she does another revision and edit
  • the editor is finally satisfied and the publishing cycle begins
  • the author waits and waits to hold his/her book in two hands
  • the book arrives; the author swells with pride and perhaps sheds happy tears
  • he/she must help with marketing the book
The next time you read something that you especially enjoy, think about what it takes to create a book. The author goes through myriad steps to bring you the finished product. Aren't we fortunate that so many authors are willing to go through this, sometimes agonizing, process for our enjoyment?

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