Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Family Recipe For Writers And Others

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I saw this Family Recipe yesterday in a woman's magazine so looked to see if I could find it online. It popped up immediately in many forms.

Since I am always urging writers to write Family Stories, this seemed quite appropriate. We don't always have happy stories to write about family members or situations. Some writers would want to steer clear of that type of story. I don't think they should because the difficulties in our families are what makes people who they are. It would be a special story if you could write about an unhappy situation that got resolved.

Take a look at each of ingredients for this Family Recipe and see if any of them might trigger a memory and the inspiration to write about it.

  • 3 cups of forgiveness:  I hope you do have a story about forgiveness related to your family. Forgiving amounts to a lot of love. I have a Chicken Soup for the Soul that is about forgiveness and how it came about.
  • 1 gallon of loyalty:  One of my published personal essays deals with my dad teaching me the importance of loyalty. I'm sure many of you have a similar story about how you learned something about being loyal.
  • a pinch of hope:  If even a tiny bit of hope is within us, we can push ahead. Did it ever happen to you or a sibling or part of your extended family?
  • a spoonful of laughter:  Surely many of us have humorous happenings within our families that we can write about. Laughter changes many a tense time.
  • endless love:  We hope that, no matter what occurs in a family, love can soothe the problem. Love is powerful if we use it wisely. Do you have a story about how love triumphed in a prickly situation?
Ponder on this Family Recipe today. I hope it will have some meaning for you and that it will motivate you to write something new today.

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