Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Lots of Things To Write About In February

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I get a little flicker of happiness when it's time to turn the calendar page wondering what the picture at the top will show me. One on my computer desk show a mountain in the Czech Republic at sunset and the one on our office wall startled me at first. There are two sandhill cranes with feet in the water and wings spread wide, ready to take off. Neither one of the calendars brought February images to mind.

Give some thought today to what you'll write about this month: 
  • Will it be love and romance with Valentine's Day only two weeks away!
  • Or will you write something about two presidents whose birthdays fall this month?
  • How about writing about the weather in February where you live? Is it almost spring or still deepest winter?
  • Maybe you can write about the joy of gathering all the information that you need to file your income tax return.
  • What kind of birds come to your area this month?
  • What kind of crafts do you like to do this time of the year?
  • What about the foods you like to eat in February?
  • Write about your February closet. What kind of clothes do you need this month?
  • How about your memories of your growing up years in February?
  • You can write about February birthdays in your family.
Write for submission for publication or to add to your Family Memories book. Write fiction or creative nonfiction. Write a factual article or a poem. Write for your eyes only. Choose any or all of these but do write. In my area, it's not the best month to be outdoors so you should be able to sit at your desk and write instead.

February is short, only 28 days, so you'd better get started. Even if you are only continuing to work on something you started in January, it's fine. You're writing and that's our goal every month of the year.  

Welcome February! Let's write!

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