Monday, February 27, 2017

A Checklist For Writers

Why haven't you...
  • written something new in the past month?
  • submitted any of your writing in a long time?
  • edited one of the first drafts sitting in your files?
  • joined a writing group?
  • read a book on the craft of writing?
  • stepped outside your comfort zone and written something different?
  • attended a writing conference for years?
  • ever done a writing exercise?
  • had lunch or coffee with another writer lately?
  • promoted your writing to others?
  • worked toward writing goals you set for yourself?
  • ever written a poem?
  • tried to grow as a writer?
  • read more stories and books by other writers?
  • tried to find inspiration?
  • attempted to motivate yourself?
  • practiced more patience?
  • persisted?
  • tried to increase your vocabulary?
  • been more passionate about your writing?
  • started that big writing project you've been thinking about for a long time?
Some of the above may not pertain to you. Maybe you have tried to do some of them and been successful, but I'm guessing that many of the questions might make you squirm a little. Hey, none of us likes to be criticized. The questions aren't meant to be critical. Instead, look at them as a means to help you assess your writing life, to figure out why your writing journey has either slowed down or stopped, to help you gain some insight into your writing life.

The poster makes a good point. There's no reason to sit and wait for good things to happen in your writing life. If you do, you will get older and you'll be wasting valuable time.

So, what are you waiting for?

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