Wednesday, December 7, 2016

10 Things On My Writing World List For Santa

It's definitely time to make your Santa Wish List. I have been trying to get my two youngest grandchildren to send theirs to me for weeks and weeks. No luck. Unusual as they generally have a very lengthy list to email Grandma. I guess that means they get sox and underwear this year. It definitely does help when I have list of things to choose from. That way, they get what they want and I'm not duplicating something they already have.

I have a Santa Wish List in my writing world. I bet you do, too. 

Nancy's Writing World Wish List

1. publication of my middle grade novel

2. being able to write clearly so readers aren't questioning this or that

3. to write with enough emotion, but not too much

4. to have more readers sign on as Followers on my blog

5. to have an enriched vocabulary

6. to be able to attend my writing group's conference next spring

7. to remember to use sensory details in all my writing

8. to reach those who want to be better writers through my blog posts

9. a muse that stays with me instead of flitting here and there when I need her most

10. to have my work published in quality publications

When looking over my list, I noticed that I asked for some things that depend on me, not on Santa. I have the ability to bring several to fruition. I am in control of numbers 2, 3, 5, and 7. I might need to depend on Santa for the others. 

You can help me with number 4. If each reader asked one more writer to sign on as a Follower on the blog, I would be delighted. I have far more readers than Followers. For some reason, people are reluctant to sign up as a Follower. It obligates you to nothing but it does make the blogger feel good.

How about you? What kind of Writing World list would you make for Santa? What are your fondest dreams in your writing world? Now's the time to ask for a few gifts in that category. Like me, you may find that many of them are ones that you can gift yourself with some deep thought and hard work. 

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