Tuesday, November 1, 2016

What About Those 2016 Writing Goals?

The eleventh month has arrived. I don't know about you but it feels a bit scary to me. I like November because it is birthday month for my daughter plus a few other people I know. It's also Thanksgiving when families come together and pause to reflect on their blessings.

Besides that, it is getting mighty close to the end of the year. Suddenly, those goals I set way last January have popped into my head with a question. How many of your writing goals did you accomplish so far this year? 

My answer is that I didn't achieve all of them but I do get a gold star for several. Here's the list of results for the ones that get that star sticker: 

1.  I managed to write a blog post five days every week in this first ten months--except for a very few exceptions when vacation time rolled around.

2.  I sold a story to a major magazine.

3.  I sold a story that I'd written several years ago and had been rejected a few times.

4.  I've kept my commitment to my writing group to have 2 subs and 2 crits each month.

5.  I wrote more poetry than I did last year.

6.  I encouraged other writers whenever I had the opportunity

There are others that I didn't get done but there are still two months left in 2016. Surely I can knock off a few of them in 61 days. If not, nothing says I can't roll them over into the 2017 list of writing goals. 

How about you? Which of your writing goals for 2016 have you met? Which ones are still waiting to be achieved? Are you willing to give it your all this next two months? It's a busy time with holidays upon us soon. How dedicated are you to your goals? I hope you'll work at it. The ones that don't get done can slip right on into January 2017. No penalty, no punishment.

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