Thursday, November 10, 2016

Stories and Scenery Traveling Through North Carolina

The theme this week is about seeing story ideas while you travel. Yesterday was our third day on the road. We started the day driving through the mountains leading to and through Asheville, NC. What a beautiful drive it was. The autumn colors were more bend brought vivid than those we saw in Tennessee. Every bend brought a new and breathtaking scene. The only problem we had was traveling with the large number of big trucks barreling down those steep inclines and climbing slowly up again.

I began to wonder about all those truck drivers. Where were they from? How long since they'd been home? Did they have a spouse? Children? Grandchildren? Did they smoke as they drove? Text? Listen to itunes? How many carried a rifle in the cab or some other kind of gun? Different stories from each one of those men and women navigating their vehicles.

Looking Glass Falls

Once away from the mountains, there was not as much to see but lots of traffic. We stopped for lunch near Durham, NC and moved on to the Raleigh suburb where my brother and wife live. Since our arrival, we've been telling family stories, talking about relatives long gone, reliving our childhoods. I heard a few stories I had never known before. Stories that must be written and put into my Family Stories Book. I know I must do it as soon as I return home so these new stories don't get lost again.

When you travel, use your 'writer eyes' and you'll find many story ideas while you enjoy the scenery and people in a place different from home. Write the stories as soon as you can or they will float away like a leaf on a fast-running river.

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