Monday, November 14, 2016

Fascinators, Fires. and Friends

Maxine has it right. Life is filled with stress so we do need to take some time off now and then. We've been traveling this past week. I've kept up with the blog posts but have done no other writing at all.

Even with no actual writing, I have been making a list of story ideas prompted by places we've been and people we've seen on our trip. There were so many story ideas found while visitng a brother at a hospital in Raleigh.

Saturday evening, we attended the wedding of a dear friend in Bluffton, SC. Molly and I met online in my writing group. She came to two writing conferences in my community and stayed with me and we've been roomies at our writing group conferences in Virginia. Add lots of emails that have gone back and forth over the years, and a close bond has formed. So, I was thrilled that this lovely widow had found love once again and was marrying a second time.

She mentioned that she would be wearing a fascinator with her wedding dress and that several coming to the wedding would also wear one. If you're wondering what a fascinator is, just go to this link to get a gander of them.Several of the women guests wore a variety of fascinators. A story idea if there ever was one!

Two of the other members  of my writing group were at the wedding along with their husbands. We had a grand time together.

We left our hotel early this morning and drove into Georgia and on to just south of Nashville, TN. In northern Georgia and Tennessee, smoke filled the air in many areas due to multiple wildfires. I read yesterday that a good many were arson and that is one sad story.

I've enjoyed this break in my writing life but I know I'll be ready to get back to my routine at home and writing new stories when we get there on Tuesday. Sure, there will be the usual stress that life brings but I can handle it as long as I take things one at a time. Give yourself a break now and then. If you can't get away on a trip, take a day off and do something fun locally.

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