Thursday, November 17, 2016

Big Writing Projects Can Be Overwhelming

How long are you going to wait before you start writing the novel that's been swirling in your head for years? How much longer will it be before you do an edit and revision of the first draft of your middle grade novel for kids? (Me, talking to myself!) When will you start gathering the best of your poetry and creating a book? 

We all have great ambitions when it comes to big writing projects. We can visualize the writing, the editing, the marketing, the acceptance, the sales, the book signings and speaking engagements. Yes, we can dream about all of it but, meanwhile, none of that gets accomplished.

Why? There are multiple reasons that we never seem to start on our dream project. Here are just a few: 
  • not sure how to get started
  • lack of confidence
  • not enough time to devote to a big project
  • too many small projects to work on
  • too involved in writing groups, attending conferences
  • if you start, you might feel obligated to finish. Scary!
  • fear, maybe even abject terror
We only have a few weeks until the end of the year. Maybe you could make one of your goals for 2017 to start that pet project. Note that I said start. Take it a little at a time so it's not quite so overwhelming. I find that, once I start a new writing project, continuing and finishing comes more easily. It's those first few paragraphs or first chapter that are difficult. Keep my two favorite keywords for writers in mind. Patience and Perseverance  Use both day after day and that big project just might become a reality in 2017.

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