Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Piano Guys--A Show Worth Seeing

Last night, we had the great joy of seeing The Piano Guys, an internet sensation, at the auditorium on the K-State campus. If you aren't familiar with the group, they mix classical music with pop in a very unique way. The show was just plain wonderful. Should they come to a place near you, do take advantage of the opportunity to see them perform.

I noticed many children in the audience of the 'sold out' performance. One of the men onstage said that one of the goals they have is to teach children and young adults to appreciate and enjoy classical music along with the pop. They obviously achieved that goal if the enthusiasm of the kids I noticed is an indicator.

One number they performed is brand new and just released. What a wonderful inspiration to young people and old about handling problems in our lives. You can see and listen to it on YouTube. There are several other YouTube performances of theirs on the same page. The video presentation of marvelous areas of our world is worth seeing along with hearing them perform. The video of some of their songs was present last evening, too. Some good chatter during the show, lots of lighthearted comedic bantering, and some spiritual offerings, too. Add the terrific talent of the two main performers on piano and cello and it is WOW! time. Check out their website to learn more about them.

As I sat in the theater, totally enthralled, possible lines for a poem kept dipping and diving through my mind. Wherever I go, writing comes to my mind in some way. I talk here on the blog about motivation and inspiration. Believe me, these guys can definitely motivate and inspire. I didn't have a pad and pen with me but wished for one to capture those lines. I did jot notes down when we got home last night.

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