Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Inspiration For Writers

September Is Here 

I turned the page on three calendars this morning. The one on Ken's desk is where I write appointments and engagements. Another on my computer desk is quite small. It is a stand-up calendar with photos of Prague given to me by one of our Czech students who stayed with us last year. I love turning the pages on this one as each photo brings back a memory of time spent in Prague. The third calendar hangs on a wall and is there mostly because it has lovely photos each month. After this triple turning of the calendar pages, September became quite real. 

This month has a dual personality, or so it seems. Here in Kansas, we still have hot weather but the mornings and evenings will be a bit cooler than during the hot summer months just passed. Fall doesn't officially arrive until the 21st but there will be hints of what's to come in the air. 

When you are trying to think of something to write about this month, consider all that September brings us. Any one of those in my list below could spur your imagination for a story or essay or memoir piece. Perhaps, a few will be inspiration for a poem. 

September brings...
  • apples
  • mums and asters
  • fall harvest
  • a few falling leaves
  • school starting for many
  • football games
  • marching bands
  • Labor Day celebrations
  • September 11 Remembrance
  • pumpkin harvest
  • recipes made with apples, pumpkins and squash
  • the start of fall colors on trees
  • songs like September Song

When I think of the fall months, color comes to mind first. Even in fashion, the colors of the fall harvest are used. A change of the kinds of clothes that we wear happens in September. Some of our summer outfits are not quite right and we're not ready for heavy winter clothing yet. So, what do we have? Transition clothing! Our menu planning changes once this first autumn month arrives. We're ready to chuck the constant run of salads for heavier fare--soups and stews. Think about the smells of September. This month brings many possibilities for including sensory details in your writing.

All of the above should trigger some memories for you and might be some inspiration for your next writing project. 

I love summer but I'm quite ready for a change. 


  1. Well, not only do you have my mind going, but my mouth is watering. Thanks for this.