Wednesday, September 14, 2016

One Reason We Write

Memoir writers are lucky people. They've done what author, Isabel Allende, has said. Write what should not be forgotten. They capture family stories and incidents that should be passed down to future generations for ages to come. Family history is important because it defines who you are, where you came from. Are you just like your Aunt Trudy? Does Uncle Stewart's incarceration for embezzlement have any bearing on you to this day? Did Grandma Jones working in a WWII ammunition plant mean that other women in your family entered the working world later? There are so many things about each one of us today that has silver threads reaching back to our families through the generations. 

Those who concentrate their writing on history articles and books are great help in keeping historical events and facts alive. As abhorrent as war is, we cannot forget any one of them. Each war our country fought in has affected all of us in some way. To know and understand the background will help us deal with the continued fallout.  

When a poet witnesses some beauty in nature, he/she wants to write about it so that he/she will not forget what was seen and also to share with others. We've all come upon breathtaking scenes and wish we could paint a picture or write a poem to keep that moment alive. Don't let the moment float away on the evening breeze. Seize the moment and write.

Mothers write things in baby books that they do not want to forget. Cute sayings, unbelievable happenings with the child they love are detailed in these keepsake books. When my children became adults and had married, I gave each one the baby book. It had some vital medical information but also some beloved moments in their childhood days that should never be forgotten.

Medical information about each family member may not be the kind of writing we get excited over. Nevertheless, it may be helpful to others some day. It could be lifesaving, so do take time to keep a medical folder with your family's medical history. 

Write a shopping list or else much will be forgotten! I speak from experience here and I feel quite certain that many of you can relate. Once you write it, be sure you take it with you. It does little good when left on the kitchen counter. 

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