Monday, August 15, 2016

Try This Writing Exercise Today

Let's start the week with an exercise geared to those who like to travel. It can also be used for all life experiences. Answer the question below, writing as much as you like about each subheading. Try to write at least a few paragraphs. You might come up with a memoir piece, an essay or the basis for a fiction story. Take your time. Do one each day rather than all of them at one sitting. Try to include sensory details and even some dialogue.

What is the travel or life experience in which you...

1. ...were the most frightened

2. ...were the most frustrated

3. ...experienced an outcome that surprised you

4. ...felt the most exhilarated from afterward

5. ...waited the longest to achieve/experience

6. ...learned the most from

7. ...didn't really want to do, but were glad you did afterward

This exercise was originally sent to a writer's group by Annette Gendler. I first used it in my online writers group several years ago. This morning, I ran across my answers to these 7 questions. They were most interesting to read after several years have passed. So, do save your work if you accept my challenge and do this exercise. I think you'll find your answers turn out to be quite interesting, both now and later.

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