Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ever Make a To-Be List?

I like lists because they help me keep organized. Lots of writers blogs or reference books suggest keeping a To-Do list of things pertaining to your writing world. They're fine but there are other kinds of lists for writers, too.

Today, I'd like you to make a list of who or what you want to be in your writing world. It's a To-Be list. Start it with the following heading:  I want to be...  Then give some real thought to what you are going to put under your heading.

There are any number of things we can be in the writing world. Maybe you'll write some of these:  famous, published, admired, satisfied and many others. What do you want to be as a writer? 

Whatever it is will take hard work. None of it is going to happen with the snap of your fingers. If only! Much of it will require starting with small steps and moving up a little at a time. It most likely will demand passion and drive. It will take my two keywords--patience and persistence. 

Make your list and keep a copy in your writing area to remind you of where you want to go, who you want to be in the writing world. Writers hear the advice that they should write something every day. They also need to strive to be the writer they want to be each and every day. 

No time like right now to begin your list. You can add to it as other thoughts are bound to come to mind as the day goes on. So, here's the heading for you. Now you add the rest. If you would like to share with others, do so in the comment area. 

I want to be...

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