Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Thoughts On Being Rejected

When you receive rejection after rejection, it's pretty hard to think positive like today's poster recommends. With each new disappointing return, we sink a little lower into the muddy puddles of rejectionville. We feel so alone, so abandoned by the world, like no one else has ever been where we are.

But consider the rejections given people other than writers. Look at this list and you might not feel so alone:

  • artists
  • sculptors
  • playwrights
  • architects
  • musicians
  • athletes
  • politicians
  • inventors
  • dancers
  • actors/actresses
  • salespeople
  • job seekers
I'm sure there are others that might be added to the above. Note how many are in the creative arts world. One thing we must keep in mind is that we chose to pursue this field of writing because of several factors--passion for writing, a talent we feel we have, a way to make some money, searching for success. We didn't choose to be writers so that we could be rejected over and over. That little addenda just happens to come with the territory. Nevertheless, we did choose to write.

There is probably no job that is totally free of negatives of some kind. Set your mind to the fact that rejection is a part of a writer's life and you're going to have to deal with it. Plan on how you're going to do so. Make positive thoughts and positive action a part of your plan. 

Note the heart balloon at the bottom of the poster above. Remind yourself that, despite many rejections, there's love from your readers many times, too. Also, know that others do care. Whether you keep those rejections to yourself or tell, even rant and rave, friends and family is another choice. Maybe if you share your disappointment, you'll receive some welcome sympathy. Only another writer can actually empathize; they are the ones who have a better understanding. 

We know that we aren't going to get an acceptance on every submission. We know that and, even so, we experience disappointment each time a sub comes sailing back with a No answer. Just don't let it fester and become a wound that will never heal. Check today's poster often for a good reminder of which is the better direction in your writing life.

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