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Friday, July 29, 2016

Writers--Tell Us Your Success Story

This morning, Katie Davis, of the Institute of Children's Literature, posted this on the group facebook page :  Finish Line Friday! The writer's journey is like no other. Share one of your successes here that only fellow writers will understand.

In an instant, one of the successes I am most proud of came to mind. The picture above was taken in a fine art museum in St. Joseph, Mo. a few years ago. Jennifer Rivera, a Kansas City abstract artist put out a call for submissions of poems. She would select a certain number and then create a painting to illustrate each one. I was pleased to have my poem chosen and delighted that my husband and I were invited to the Opening Night of the exhibit. I will never forget the thrill of standing before the painting and my poem. The more I studied the painting, the more I saw the interpretation of my words. 

I'm not sure why this is one of my most treasured successes in my writing journey. Perhaps it is because this is probably the best poem I have written to date and to get further exposure for it was wonderful. Or maybe it was the thrill of watching other people at the exhibit stand before my poem and the largest painting in the exhibit. It would be akin to a novelist watching someone read his/her book. A third possibility is that the artist saw what I tried to portray in Play, Gypsy Girl, Play."  You can read more about the poem and painting in a previous blog.

I think Katie Davis hit on a great suggestion for the members of her facebook group. Note that she asked for "one" success story. Writers sometimes have many successes so it might be difficult to select the very best one. It was interesting to me that I had no problem in selecting the one I wanted to highlight. Maybe a special one will pop right up for you, too.  I'm looking forward to reading some of the other responses on the facebook page.

How about you? What success story comes to mind? Will you share it with us? Do so by making a comment at the bottom of this post. It would be interesting as well as educational for my readers and for me. We have writers of all stages who are readers here. Maybe you're a newbie and you've only had one success story so far. That's the one that is going to be like no other. If you're a seasoned writer, you'll have many success stories to choose from. Which one truly stands out and why? 

We talk quite often about rejection but here's your chance to toot your horn a bit and tell us about one of the good times in your writing journey. Perhaps you were published in a top-rated magazine. Or landed a book contract. Or were hired to write a column based on previous writing. This blog is not just for reading. I love it when readers participate, too. Share with us, please. 

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