Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Computer Woes For This Writer

Today's post is about a writing tool, not writing itself. The poster above pretty well fits my outlook for today. I have a sad tale to tell.

We bought a new printer last week and I had delayed getting it set up until the weekend. When I started to work on the installation, I found I needed to download some new drivers first. I fiddled and faddled with this and that and got it accomplished.

Then, I attempted the installation on Monday. I ran into a brick wall on multiple tries. Everything was good to a certain point and then an error box came up saying the file 'such and such' could not be copied. Another box popped up saying I needed permission from the owner/administrator. Well, that's me. Didn't tell me where to go to give my OK. No clue. Repeated attempts came up with the same thing.

Last night, I called HP support to ask for help. A very patient tech worked on the problem for 2 hours and 15 minutes. He ran into the same brick wall that I had. Repeatedly! Despite his doing many things in many places. Finally, he wanted to do a 4 hour scan overnight and get back to me in the morning. I agreed. But the scan would not work either. So, he suggested I call Dell support and he would also do some more research and call me this afternoon.

With all the things he tried, he restarted the computer several times. Once, he went back to the original Welcome screen. Nothing helped. After the long phone call, my head was pounding and I headed to bed. Not to sleep because I was worried about what was happening to my computer and not being able to install the printer. Slept off and on all night.

It turned out I had good reason to worry. This morning, I discovered that my email files, address book, documents and pictures have all been wiped out! I did manage to find the pictures file but haven't tried anything else with the rest. I have a back-up external hard drive but I'm not sure what all is on it.

I brought up the email window and was asked to sign in. I put in the user name and password and it would not accept it. Suggested making a new Microsoft account. I tried that and was told the app would not open. More brick walls!

It's obvious that I am not a tech guru. I can probably do more on a computer than most people my age but I reach a certain point and I'm finished.

The computer is my writing tool and I need it and all my files to function as a writer. I'm at a loss as which direction to go--Dell support or HP support. It's time to bow my head, say a prayer and weather the storm just like that little bird in the poster.


  1. A friend calls hers the Dell from hell. It is so frustrating. We are in an area with complete power outage, and phone keyboard typing is crazy. Hope you get things worked out.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Linda. I did get all the files, pix and email stuff back. Whew! Have some backed up but not 100% worth. Still working on the other problem re the printer, tho.